Things You Ought to Do When You Buy Targeted Website Traffic

buy targeted trafficAfter you buy targeted website traffic, don’t sit back and relax yet, watching in grin as your traffic grows. While the traffic agency will do its part in sending you the traffic that you paid for, there are things that you need to do and monitor to ensure success in your campaign.

In fact, there are a couple of tweaks that you can enforce to maximize the results and optimize your ROI. If want your campaign set on the right track, then read on and find out what the things that you ought to do once the campaign starts. While there are many of them, here are a few important tasks.

Check Your Stats and Conversion

Just like advertising, monitoring is imperative. Check the results of the campaign. Go to your Google Analytics and track the progress. There are plenty of things that you can do with the data. One of them is to monitor the traffic sources. You can quickly tell if you are getting good quality traffic from the agency by knowing where the visitors came from. However, the data in the Analytics may not be accurate.

Some paid traffic agencies have their own statistic tool to show you the daily number of visits to your blog. The data in their respective stat tools serves as proof of the number of hits they promised to send you. Since traffic passed through their stat monitoring system, the actual number of people who visited your site may not be tracked by Google Analytics, thereby giving you inaccurate details. In any case, the Analytics is still useful in giving you important signals about your traffic.

If you are selling products, you should check the sales numbers, as well. Find out the click-through-rate and the conversion rate of your campaign. This data is important since it will serve as a measure or benchmark for your future campaigns.


This is not applicable to all packages, but some basic and premium plans offered by competent traffic agencies have features that allow you to change the settings, such as the traffic filters. These filters are the traffic source by country, and the categories or interest.

Check if your filters are correct, and one way to find that out is by spit-testing. In this case, change one or two filters. You may want to change the traffic source from US to UK, from Canada to Asia, and so on. Do the same thing to the other filter, which is category. This will help you position your site better to a more accurate market segment on your succeeding campaigns.

Tweak and Optimize

After conducting a series of split-testing, finalize the tweaks by modifying your campaign for optimum performance. Change whatever aspect that requires modifications. This may include the number of daily visits. If you observe that your conversion is higher during weekends, then tweak the daily limit by raising the number of hits on weekends higher, while at the same time lowering the numbers of visits on lackluster days.

After the Campaign

Once the campaign is done and the traffic agency has completely fulfilled its obligations to you, don’t end the campaign hanging. Instead, get back and reflect; make an assessment if it was profitable and truly worth the investment. If not, formulate actionable plans on what to do to make it better. If it ended in total loss without a single sale from the massive traffic that you got, then it can be a sign of poor quality traffic. You may consider using another traffic agency on your future campaigns. But if it ended profitable, use the same company next time you buy targeted website traffic.


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